Adding & Editing Products

Products on your site can be controlled using the “Products” part of the dashboard.  Hover over “Products” and select “Products” from the sub menu.  Once the page loads, you’ll see a listing of all of the current products on the site.  Hovering over any item, you will see the option to “Edit” or even “Trash” an item.

To add a new item, click on “Add Product” at the top of the “Products” dashboard page.

On the individual product editor, there are several key parts when entering a product:

  • enter the product name in the box at the top of the page
  • scroll down the page to the second large textbox labeled “Product Short Description” and enter in the product description
  • on the right hand side, look for “Product Categories” and choose one of the product categories, or add your own by clicking the “Add New Product Category”
  • In the “Product Image”, choose your best image as your product image – this will show as a thumbnail on the product galleries or on the homepage
  • In the “Product Gallery”, add all of your images for the product – these will be shown on the product’s individual product page

Once the product has been edited to your desire, return to the top of the page and choose “Publish”.